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Your Guide to northeastern Wisconsin

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Meet The Author

My name is Bryan Johnson, and I am a licensed Real Estate agent located in Southern Utah. My spouse, Amanda Thomas, and I have been together since we were 14 years old! We have three beautiful daughters: Journey, age 5; McKinley, age 2; and Kallie, age 6 months old. We relocated from Seattle to Southern Utah because we love the outdoors. In our free time, we explore local State Parks, National Parks, and recreational destinations nearby.

Over the years, I have been trained by some of the largest corporations in the world, such as Exxon Mobil, ConnocoPhillips, Honda, and Toyota. Through these experiences I have learned what great culture and customer service can do for a business. When I left corporate America to start my own business, I studied companies with good leadership that set a standard of excellence in their fields; companies like Disney, Costco, Amazon, and many others. This study and my past training helped me craft the specialized customer experience you get when you do business with me. I strive everyday to continue learning so I can bring value to my clients. I help my clients navigate the ever changing landscape of the real estate market, and I am always looking for opportunities to help the people I meet achieve their goals. This applies to local businesses and friends in our community, as well as real estate. I look forward to discussing your goals with you and showing you how the team we have at the Nexgen Group of Southern Utah can help accomplish all of them.